L.K. (Lisa) Thayer is an actor/photographer and poet. She became a member of The Actor’s Studio, one of it’s youngest members ever, at the age of 22, with Lee Strasberg accepting her on her first audition. Lisa went on to do many plays in LA and NYC winning her first DramaLogue Award for the Russian farce, “The Suicide” directed by Florinel Fatulescu. She won her 2nd DramaLogue Award for “Balm in Gilead” in the role of “Ann” a prostitute, directed by Sal Romeo. L. K. is currently studying ‘Method Writing’ with Jack Grapes in Los Angeles, her poem “Ticker Tape Charade” will appear in the poetry edition of ONTHEBUS, published by Bomb Shelter Press. She has read her poetry at with Eve Brandstein’s “Poetry In Motion” at  Beyond Baroque in Santa Monica and The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with Tongue & Groove and at The Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. She is also part of the “Waiting For Jack” (Kerouac) ensemble that tours Los Angeles. L.K. has 5 ‘Chapbooks’ of poetry, Cat’s Cradle, Melancholy Stew, Rapture & Rust, On The Edge Of Anywhere and Praises From A Tenor Sax. She wrote and sang on the CD Mouth2Mouth with Brian BecVar and has performed at Ghengis Cohen and the famous Canter’s Kibbitz Room. “Poetry has become one of my closest friends.” Also, photography, my newest passion, take a look at my site” L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish! L.K. has also co-produced the event “The Jazz Poets Social Club” at Elderberries Cafe in Hollywood.  She is part of the poet trio “Girls Just Wanna Write Poems” with Susan Hayden & Eve Brandstein. L. K. will also read in the upcoming series “Sparring with the Beatnik Ghosts” at Beyond Baroque & The Stella Adler Theatre.

Thayer just played the role of Eugene O’Neill’s wife, actress Carlotta Monterey in “O’Neill’s Ghosts” at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles and New York City.

L. K. is currently studying Method Writing with Jack Grapes & is released her book of collected poems titled whores don’t kiss” available on Amazon.com

Thank you for all for making THE JUICE BAR your main squeeze! :)


  1. calliopespen · September 22, 2009

    **applauds!!** Fabulous site, fabulous story, surely more great things to come for you. Thanks for sharing with the world.:)

  2. lkthayer · September 22, 2009

    Thank you my dear, and kudos back to you and your site, I’m so happy to stumble onto each other…the poems must be squeezed! :)

  3. Henry B. Rosenbush · September 22, 2009


    I took Kalli’s advice and visited and glad I did. Very nice site and glad you are successful and so talented. I look forward to reading throughout and will add you to my “Appetizers” (links).

    Write On, Hen

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thank you Hen, Welcome to The Juice Bar…prepare to be squeezed! –LK :)

  4. Tooty Nolan · September 22, 2009

    Thank you for dropping into my slightly off-world site, and for the invite – which I’m happy to accept. What does it entail? The last time I was invited to someone’s site – it was for erotica. I made my bow and disappeared stage left. Checked out your MySpace site, by the way: Can’t help thinking that you’d do a fabulous version of Carole Bayer-Sager’s ‘I’d rather leave while I’m in love’. You have the perfect voice for it. Or should that be ‘whilst’ I’m in love?

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      No, we’re not that kind of site…we ‘squeeze’ people in other ways…just email me a poem or piece, (not too long
      that it needs it’s own zip code), and a pic of yourself or of an image to go with it ‘whilst’ your at it.
      And thanks, for the shout out to my vocals…haven’t done that in awhile, my piano player moved to
      Naples…as in Florida. lisakthayer@yahoo.com (don’t forget the ‘k’ or I won’t get it.)


  5. Maxine Kardell · September 22, 2009


    Congrats on making your voice accessible to the global community!
    I marvel at your command of language and ideas. This is an innovative site. Applauding your originality….and your artistry !


    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      It’s so rewarding to bring all of these voices, voices that may have never been heard to The Juice Bar, because we all have something to say…we just say it differently.
      We all have the same feelings and we feel the same things. There is one thing I promise, the The Juice Bar will squeeze you! Thank you Maxine. –LK :)

  6. lkthayer · September 22, 2009

    Hi Lisa,
    What you have done with your juice bar is beyond brilliance! Hope you had a Thanksgiving filled with tons of touching squeezes!
    Happy days and tons of real full on squeezes. YOU are so squeezable in a variety of ways! You are so beautiful.
    Love always,
    Judi Kaufman

  7. S. Le · September 22, 2009

    You have a lovely blog. It seems unique and enlightening. I feel smarter already for having visited!

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thank you kind sir and thank you for sipping the sweet nectar of the writers & poets at The Juice Bar…
      May the squeeze be with you! –LK :)

  8. contoveros · September 22, 2009

    Nectar from a goddess.

    Squeezed by hand.

    What more can you ask in life!

    michael j

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thanks my dear for squeezing The Juice Bar!! Welcome! LK :)

  9. freedom · September 22, 2009

    “A nice place to visit” and I might find myself living here! Peace.

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thank you & you are always welcome to have a drink at the bar! Peace back.

  10. Nicki Fitz-Gerald · September 22, 2009

    Great to read all these wonderful comments. I am liking your ideas more and more.

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thanks so much Nicki!! see you around the streams!

  11. paul mckay · September 22, 2009

    very cool website, lisa.

  12. Jaime · September 22, 2009

    love your work, love your mind, love your smile and… love you!

  13. Milos J. Kohout · September 22, 2009

    Hi Lisa
    Congratulations and I am happy, you’re a talented woman with a big heart.
    You look amazing insight and women. You’re a miracle that a man can admire. You’re a beautiful woman and you have so many activities and plans. I look forward to your new book. I look forward to you.
    Milos :-)

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thank you Milos my darling man And brilliant artist!! :)
      Sent on the Now Network from my Sprint® BlackBerry

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Thank you Milos, who I adore :)

  14. Greg Gasman · September 22, 2009

    Been a long time since 3of us shared a little apartment in Hollywood

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      refresh my memory?? 3 of us? Oh, I remember now I think, Greg! With Sheryl or Diana?

  15. jerry laveroni · September 22, 2009

    How is Shirley Ballard doing

    • lkthayer · September 22, 2009

      Shirley is in assisted living, weak but still kicking at 87! Thanks!

  16. Charles · September 22

    Hi, I found a death record through SSDI for a Shirley Ballard who died on Oct 27, 2012 and would like to know if it’s the same person? The date of birth, Sept 21, 1925 and the state, California are the same but I can find no other info.

    • lkthayer · 13 Days Ago

      Yes, that sounds correct, she was a neighbor and dear friend of mine. – L. K. Thayer

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