“Battle Of The Heros” by Brandon Lee Bjornson (age 11)

There they stood,

Achilles and Ajax ,


Over treasures

Of one of our dead soldiers

That had been killed in the sage

Of troy.

As everybody watched,

As they fought to

The death.

Everyone cheered

For courage,

Everyone cheered

For vengeance,

But worst of all

Everyone cheered

For either one’s death.

Achilles and Ajax

Threw spears

And clashed swords

And shields at each other.

Dust rose around

The battle field.

Everyone wondered

Who would win…..

Brandon Lee Bjornson

All Rights Reserved

© 2009


  1. lkthayer · December 3, 2009

    Brandon, I beg you to keep writing, you have an amazing gift!!
    (and a wonderful mom too!) You are going to do great things!
    Keep sharing at The Juice Bar & thank you for squeezing us! –LK 🙂

  2. Julie · December 3, 2009

    Way to go, Mr. B! This was terrific. You captured the essence of a time many do not understand. Keep on keepin’ on, m’man.


  3. Yousei Hime · December 3, 2009

    An 11 year old–OMG! Fantastic, Brandon. I hope you’ll keep on writing. Keep a journal. You see wonderful stories already, and I would love to read them.

  4. vicki bjornson · December 3, 2009

    as we say in yiddish, i’m kveln.

  5. Therese Gilardi · December 3, 2009

    brandon is a gifted writer just like his mother. great job brandon! best, therese

  6. Alexis Rhone Fancher · December 3, 2009

    Bravo Brandon!

  7. Jaymie · December 3, 2009

    Wow, this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing Brandon.

  8. Jackie herzig · December 3, 2009

    Poetry runs in your veins Brandon. Great job

  9. Adesh Kaur · December 4, 2009

    Oh Brandon, This is such an amazing poem. I loved what you wrote, “But worst of all Everyone cheered For either one’s death.” Whew! Good job.
    Thank you.

  10. candice Rosales · December 5, 2009

    Brandon, you blew me away…an amazing and insightful poem. So proud!

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