“Thin Skin” by Julie Dolcemaschio

We’ll not talk about the days spent
not knowing from one to the next
when not even her mother called
to ask if she had blankets
to keep her skin warm
8th ave. on a cold December day stays with a gal

with skin too thin already
I remember reading Bukowski
Aloud on nights when a corner couldn’t be found
I traced her path for her
In case she forgot how to do it herself
That happens sometimes to people who lose their

Now I cannot find a warm spot to think
She’s gone, like that blue-eyed soul song
But not so poignant
Help me cover her so she won’t get too cold
You know her skin was always too thin
When she remembered to keep it on

Julie Dolcemaschio

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010


  1. anniew3000 · January 26, 2010

    Julie, you speak to my heart. You are one terrific, smart writer.
    -Alexis Rhone Fancher

  2. lkthayer · January 26, 2010

    Julie, your writing is so intimate, you just take me there…LK

  3. Jackie herzig · January 27, 2010


    There is so much love packed into the words you choose. It always resonates in my heart. Thank you. jackie

  4. Adesh Kaur · February 18, 2010

    “Now I cannot find a warm spot to think.” Julie, you write from a place of beautiful pain. Thanks for holding your heart out right here in the cold. I love you.

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