“20 Stories” by L. K. Thayer

below the underbelly of the stretched cat winter
claws scratch what has unraveled in the tangle
of deception, sticky on your fork tongue
I watch as you slink back into your lair
waiting for the next pawn to suckle dry

your crumbs I am no longer hungry for
they don’t satisfy my well of discontentedness
your couch no longer swallows my every cell
I gasp for air in your billowing tented ego

I dangled on your charm bracelet
I dreamt of your crooked smile
I fell twenty stories to an untimely death
from our penthouse love affair

exclusion is a crushing blow

L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010


  1. Lordy · January 31, 2010

    This is so sad……….I hope it’s just a bad dream!!

  2. lkthayer · January 31, 2010

    Oh sweetie, it’s half me & half Hart Crane, the poet I’m studying in my writing class…he threw himself off a boat at 32yrs old!! What do you expect??? xoxo – Ladyhawk 🙂

  3. lkthayer · January 31, 2010

    Don’t worry Lordy…I don’t like cruises!! Ladyhawk 🙂

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