Juicy Quote

Photo by L. K. Thayer

Isn’t that the problem? That women have been swindled for centuries into substituting adornment for love, fashion (as it were) for passion? All the cosmetics names seemed obscenely obvious to me in their promises of sexual bliss. They were all firming or uplifting or invigorating. They made you tingle. Or glow. Or feel young. They were prepared with hormones or placentas or royal jelly. All the juice and joy missing in the lives of these women were to be supplied by the contents of jars and bottles. No wonder they would spend twenty dollars for an ounce of face makeup or thirty for a half-ounce of hormone cream. What price bliss? What price sexual ecstasy?

Erica Jong


  1. nicolerigets · February 12, 2010

    Tragic…and every word in this quote speaks of the truth.

    What would Ms. Jong write about all the plastic surgeries celebrity women are routinely having?

    Relating to this subject:
    I recently posted on my blog: “Cream Queens” are so Out of Date

  2. lkthayer · February 12, 2010

    Tragic yes! But we have come into our power enough to know what is real, hopefully by now. But we must always be reminded because the traps are set everywhere for us to caught in the snap of them!! Good to be reminded!! 🙂

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