“DRIVING MY RED CLUES” by Judi Kaufman

Clue, clue, two clues, boom, boom, red, red.
Hollywood hills are filled with hundreds of sassy C’s and red high heels.
I am driving towards the North Face of the phony Hollywood sign.
I have seen so many couples fucking under the H.
Hollywood and vine agents and lawyers desperate to close every deal.
Smiles are all crooked as the drunks dive into every diner with red leather booths.
Highland Blvd. at Hollywood talk frankly about the Sound of Music.
LA Phil plays and keeps score of the affairs of the hearts.

Judi Kaufman

Photo by Alexis Fancher

All Rights Reserved

JFK 2/24/10


  1. lkthayer · March 5, 2010

    Judi, I love to squeeze you…what can I say?? xoxo LK 🙂

  2. souldose · March 6, 2010

    This paints such a clear picture… I love writing poetry and this is more what I aspire to be like, to write something good, easy to understand and sounds perfect even to someone like me who can’t speak it out but reads quietly… To me this is inspiration.

  3. Lordy · March 6, 2010


  4. nicolerigets · March 6, 2010

    “Musical notes, bring votes…do I hear a phonie ringing?” I hear myself singing after reading Judi’s poem: a straightforward poem that delivers the goods!
    I love the “Sound of Judi”.

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