“Do You Know Here?” by Stephen Kalinich

"Stevie" Photo by Bill Duke

Do you know here?
Do you know there?
Do you know
any place
or anywhere?
Do you even care
about the fate of mankind
will you just let it all unwind
without lifting a hand
is your life just a witnessing
Have you experienced that moment
when all of the universe comes together
on the head of a pin
or in your drive way.
when you get out of the car
and lightning hits you
revelation awakening
nothing will ever be the same
for now you know
what no book or religion can tell you
and you know
those who know
but do not talk .
It comes with the certainty
after that mini infinitesimal second
you can control
the Universe but if you switch intent
to self
you lapse
into forgetfulness
and that is man’s present state
on this planet
except for the few.

Stephen Kalinich

Photo by Bill Duke

© 2010

One comment

  1. lkthayer · April 2, 2010

    I love you both, see you tomm. night for my birthday dinner & lots of poetry!! 🙂

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