“My Potato Peel Life” by Margie Louise Goodspeed

For satisfaction
To distill
The frame
Beating the drum
Head bandaged to
The riptide of
The Planet’s whim,
Another nugget
Comes and goes. For

All the sighs
Future stars,
I mourn my
Humble failures to
Coax elixir drops
From my potato
Peel life.

Margie Louise Goodspeed

All Rights Reserved

© 2010


  1. lkthayer · April 6, 2010

    This is so quirky & brilliantly simple, I love your work Margie, always a pleasure to squeeze you! 🙂

    • Margie G · April 6, 2010

      thx lk – you da bomb!

  2. nicolerigets · April 8, 2010

    The peeler has cut to the quick here. Margie this is imbued with what we ache for under the skin. Fabulous!! xo

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