1. lkthayer · April 12, 2010

    Such a strong, still photograph, so powerful in it’s simplicity. I’m in awe of it!!
    Thank you Mitch, bravo 🙂

  2. Lordy · April 12, 2010

    Thank you so much Lisa

    If you look at it long enough then you can see anyone you like walk thru that space……..

  3. lkthayer · April 12, 2010

    Hmmmmm… what a nice thought……hmmmmmmm…..

  4. Lordy · April 12, 2010

    I’m taking a long look at it now!!!…….You are looking good!!

  5. lkthayer · April 12, 2010

    I wish, I wish, this were true
    i wish i were looking
    right at you!

  6. Lordy · April 12, 2010

    But you are and I can see you

  7. lkthayer · April 12, 2010

    a more than pleasant thought…

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