1. Lordy · April 14, 2010

    Yes where is it!!………..Don’t we just love him??

  2. lkthayer · April 14, 2010

    Oh yes we do, I love you Brits to bits 🙂

  3. Lordy · April 14, 2010

    Did you say you love my bits!!…………Blushing!!!

    I’m sending over a Bansky cat for rat flushing!!

  4. lkthayer · April 14, 2010

    Yes, every bit of your Brit bits!!! I would H.A.N.D.L.E. with care!!
    No, don’t flush the poor rat with a cat, he always gets a bad rap!!!

  5. Lordy · April 14, 2010

    To the beat of the drum
    The rats jumping from the cats tum

  6. lkthayer · April 15, 2010

    We used to carry white rats on our shoulders in school when I was a kid, they were school pets!! and they had little baby rats too….I wondered how that happened???

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