“The List” by Matthew Hetznecker


I have a lot to do today.
I must feel my feet on hot
cement and have it rise to
my knees.

I’ll try to catch some smell
as I enter a room,
as it’s sour pungent odor
makes my my head pop back.

I’ll maybe, if I have time
remember something forgotten,
like how I like brown sugar
in cereal and how I would
tilt the bowl to my lips
to drink it’s murky milk.

I could catch the milky white
skin of a red headed man.
Watch as he flashes his beautiful penis
wraps his waist with a green towel
and heads to shower.

Later I might listen, as Angie
washes her dishes, clinking her
plates, then crinkling plastic around bread.
Finally shuffling her feet to her room

Mathew Hetznecker

© 2010


  1. lkthayer · June 6, 2010

    I love the stark simple images in your writing Matthew, always a pleasure squeezing you!

  2. anniew3000 · June 6, 2010

    Small moments, snapshots merging toward a larger truth. I love your work, Matthew!

  3. vicki batkin · June 6, 2010

    I love this poem. A string of moments – that’s what it’s all about. you are a fabulous Poet, Matthew and i could hear you voice as i read siliently. Send more

  4. Roz Levine · June 6, 2010

    Hi there, Matthew,
    Beautiful poem, great, simple images, very moving.

  5. Marcus · June 6, 2010

    What’s amazing in this poem is that you caress all the senses. I felt this poem…your a sensualist!



  6. matthew · June 7, 2010

    Thanks everyone for you thoughtful and gracious comments!
    Thanks Lisa for having this wonderful blog for our work.
    Marcus I have not forgotten you.
    I’m editing the other poems before I send them to you.

  7. Julie · June 8, 2010

    Reading this over and over, Matthew…it’s like a symphony I can’t get enough of.


  8. Adesh Kaur · June 11, 2010

    ah matthew, that opening stanza says it all. “i have a lot to do today. i have to feel my feet on hot cement and have it rise to my knees.” great poem. a microscope. thank you. i love you.

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