Robert Frost

Foto by L. K. Thayer

“The same
Grim giving to do over for them both.
She dared no more than ask him with her eyes
How was it with him for a second trial.
And with his eyes he asked her not to ask.
They had given him back to her, but not to keep.”

– Robert Frost

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010


  1. Lordy · June 10, 2010

    I see it now~~~~~~~ The red nail polish and the red cup holder logo, both linking that empty look on her face….This snap is one of those that comes back and bites you on the bum!!!

    • lkthayer · June 11, 2010

      did you say “bites you on the bum?”

  2. Lordy · June 11, 2010

    might have……………………….?

  3. Lordy · June 11, 2010

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