Stephen John Kalinich

Foto by L. K. Thayer

“Poetry is an ongoing process

it never stops
both the visual poetry
and  the emotional scale of poems
that form into words
after they come out
they need to be  pruned
a garden needs tending and once
on rare  occasion
a blossom erupts
breaks through the soil and
a living plant appears .
If a poem can ever do that
it will touch you.
It will be magic.
Our paintings
are visual poems
that speak in another language
a wordless expression
that speaks to the eyes and senses.
that can awaken all the colors of being.”
© 2010

One comment

  1. lkthayer · June 14, 2010

    Thank you Stevie, always for your wisdom, insight & inspiration. Thanks for letting me squeeze you at The Juice Bar! 🙂

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