“The Jazz Poets Social Club” by Stevie Kalinich

Photo by L. K. Thayer

I loved last night so much. All the poets were awesome and all unique. Different inspirational sensual moving artists.

One of the best evenings of music and poetry spoken word I have ever experienced.
Michael Camacho, plays his voice like a saxophone and bring a vitality and power to his performance, he is an amazing force and Gary Pratt and his students are the best most incredible players I have ever heard. I was really moved and tugged by the evening so much. I will write more… Everyone should come to “The Jazz Poets Social Club” at Elderberries. It is one of the hottest scenes going and alive vital. The room comes alive. It sizzles and the owner Dottie Zold and people were working there the woman  are sweet. It is a friendly place with a vibe conducive to art and poetry.The food is healthy vegan and incredible.
Soon it will be so busy it will be hard to get into on these nights of sheer aliveness that Sunset Blvd. has not experienced in years. It reminds me of the day when The Doors played on Sunset in an improvisational kind of way.
I love this club.

Michael C Ford

was an absolutely brilliant performer recalling,  evoking, inspiring, one to think about Jazz. His voice is like velvet, soothing and he has a powerful presence.

Definitely a man of words to hear and a real treat.

Alexis Rhone Fancher

I never heard her read before she is passionate alive vital. Her sense of intimacy and physical perceptions is truly amazing and she is uninhibited. Her words come alive.

I want to hear her again and again and an energy comes to my body which these days is hard to reach.


L. K. Thayer

I can not say enough good about Lisa. She does every thing with a passion. She is a great host.

A wonderful poet who makes her poems sizzle. She is emotionally relentless and once she grabs hold of you and once you sense her essence it is impossible to forget her.

Someone else has to write about me. I cannot write about myself…

I love this new weekly event…  all the forces are coming together in this cataclysmic celebration.
L. K. Thayer writes…Stephen John Kalinich is a poet performer from head to toe who is mesmerizing, his words are hypnotic and like a snake charmer he takes you on a hypnotic sensory ride with heart, soul & passion like no other poet I have ever witnessed. Michael Camacho…is absolutely sensational, completely stunning jazz vocals, he brings his amazing acting chops to his music with no holds barred…he is riveting!
“The Jazz Poets Social Club” every Sunday evening at Elderberries in Hollywood.


  1. lkthayer · September 14, 2010

    Stevie…it was off the hook, I can’t wait til next Sunday Night! 🙂

  2. Mary H. · September 14, 2010

    I will make it one of these days….finally, nearly a smile on your face. 🙂

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