L. K. Thayer’s interview with LA Poetry Examiner

Ms. Lisa K. Thayer, one of Los Angeles’ poetry sweethearts…

  • September 30th, 2010 5:00 pm PT

Lisa K Thayer is one of LA Poetry’s sweethearts.  She’s a hands on organizer of poetry with her online “Poetry Juice Bar” as well as co-producer of “The Jazz Poets Social Club” every Sunday evening at Elderberries Cafe in Hollywood.

Ms. Thayer also appears in the highly acclaimed “Waiting For Jack”  a poetry theater event produced by Eve Brandstein, Rex Weiner, Michael C. Ford and John Densmore and presented by Tom Landau’s STUDIO 1520. Lisa will be reading “Ann Waldman’s” poems.

The Los Angeles Poetry Examiner literally ran into Ms Thayer in the crossfire of Internet Poetry Networking, yet another topic we’ll cover in the coming weeks. I thought it necessary to ask the Lovely Lisa a few questions for Examiner…

You are listed with the poets that used to read back in the day with Poetry In Motion, what do think about, that after all these years, the poets are still having at it?

Lisa Thayer:
Great. We only get juicier as we age with our own experience. I’m glad that they are still writing, sometimes it is a matter of life and death, like breathing. It means ‘their creative force is alive and they are listening to it. It’s a beating heart.

How long have you been writing and sharing your poetry?

Lisa Thayer:
I started out as a singer/songwriter (I’ll give you a CD)…for 2 years I just heard melodies and words just fell out, it was really a purging of emotion that I expressed in lyric form, which to me is the same as poetry. Then I didn’t write for a long time until I started studying regularly with Jack Grapes, an amazing teacher in LA. He has inspired me to go into the deep voice and get to the good stuff, so about, jeeze, all in all about 5 yrs. only, 2 1/2 I think with Jack.

Which writers or poets helped shaped your own voice in terms of poetic style, and which influenced you the most?

Lisa Thayer:
Anne Sexton speaks to me the most, with her freedom, madness and no holds barred style, she’s so brave and uncensored. Bukowski of course, Pablo Neruda lately, he’s so romantic and passionate…so many. I’m not really a reader, but I like short poems and can really get a poets style and voice when I study them, I’m an actor, that’s probably why, I have a good ear and am sensitive to where someone is coming from. I love “Bill” Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, actually, too many poets to name here!!

Where did you grow up, does this have a big influence on your poetry?

Lisa Thayer:
I really “grew up” in LA. I’ve lived here over 30yrs. I was born in Fargo, N. Dakota, yes! And was raised outside of Mpls. Minn. where I first got into theatre as a kid. I think the Midwest is a very soulful, honest place to be from, your words really mean something, you don’t just say something to say it, your word is valued more, like gold, really. I was raised on a lake every summer, my grandparents owned a home on Detroit Lakes, where my mother still lives. I always had a good imagination.

Tell me about L.K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar, how long have you been running it and what made you start The Juice Bar?

Lisa Thayer:
Well, it’s funny, “The Juice Bar” is the first named that popped into my head, having to do I guess with “creative juices”…I started out with just my own poetry, I needed somewhere to put it, along with my nephew VC Ferry’s genius photographic images, i wanted to promote him, I still do. Then I invited other people’s work from Jack Grapes class & have recently gotten bit by the foto bug myself (I also created L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish) and that was a year and 80,000 hits ago. I call them “Guest Squeezes.” Things just keep getting juicier! We all do… like good wine!

“Praises From a Tenor Sax”

like salt on a bloodsucker

recoiling, shriveling

paralyzed fits of punishing



with the sell-out

the down and out

muck and mire choir


praises from a tenor sax

and a song

you can’t let go of

fill the loving cup

and drink it dry

try to stay away

but you can’t fight

the pull

of the taffy

you get stuck in the


and you wanna



– by L. K. Thayer

L. K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish



  1. lkthayer · October 1, 2010

    Thank you Yvonne, I’ll see you at Elderberries! – LK 🙂

  2. Roz Levine · October 1, 2010

    Excellent intrview. Stunning photo. Awesome poem.
    The Juice Bar gets juicier and juicier under the squeeze of your fine, fine fingertips!

  3. Lordy · October 1, 2010

    Culture Vulture
    Ladyhawk in squawk
    Poetic dear I revere

    On the cusp of fame is like standing in the shadow of a doorway. Just a step away from stepping in. Your shadow has left it’s stain ingrained upon the door no matter where you step next!!

    Lovely interview…and my all time favourite image of you.

  4. Yvonne de la Vega · November 4, 2010


    If examiner.com had your style my column would look like a million dollars!. But your photo would have to be posted daily.

    Girlfriend. Can you help me lobby examiner? From this site, can we get your poets to leave comments for me and each one ask me why the Los Angeles Poetry Examiner is listed under Health Care? why are the voices of poets continually oppressed? Who the FRUCK is going to find us in the Health Care section?

    Agreed. Poetry is the best medicine for all ailment. However, my status being filed amongst the bureaucratic static of the Med Heads is like Nicholson roaming the hall under the alien watch of Nurse Wratchet.

    Google L.A. Poetry Examiner. or Google Yvonne de la Vega. It comes up reading: GET THE LATEST ON THE LOS ANGELES POETRY SCENE AS WELL AS THE LATEST IN HEALTH CARE.

    What is going on here? I have written 3 letters to my channel director which is Arts & Entertainment. I started out writing as the Longevity Examiner granted. But when the poetry examiner gig became available I courted and woo’d them. And thus this. I am the poetry examiner. I no longer write for the Health Channel and am no longer an examiner of longevity, Life Expectancy. dopamine. electrons and etc.

    There are only so many ways to write about free radicals, anti-oxidants, detrimental stress and beneficial laughter. I can tell you how to live forever, but it sounds so much more interesting in poetry form, does it not?

    Join my cause. Make that change. Write the editors by leaving poetic demands which come in the forms of cynicism, innuendo, dry wit, but always my darlings,
    always well written. I will next attempt whimsical venomousity. Using the poetic license they are not entitled to t’all, in their command to 3rd person localizing:

    “…One wonders when one is in that predicament, how one might view the oneness of One self.”

    No, they may not attain the rights to our poetic silence. The proof of the danger? The L.A. POETRY EXAMINER IS NOT SEO FRIENDLY IN HER POSITION WITHIN THE HEALTH CHANNEL!!!

    These internet social media band wagoneers from Denver don’t seem to give a shiz about Los Angeles. They



    Yvonne de la Vega

    • lkthayer · November 4, 2010

      Good for you for speaking out Yvonne..hey, I’m without health insurance!!

  5. Lordy · November 4, 2010

    “Google L.A. Poetry Examiner. or Google Yvonne de la Vega. It comes up reading: GET THE LATEST ON THE LOS ANGELES POETRY SCENE AS WELL AS THE LATEST IN HEALTH CARE.”

    Drop the word Examiner……….We are not taking exams or having a medical check!!! It’s such a naff word Yvonne!!

    You don’t examine poems….You read poems, lets keep life simple.

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