“Pagan Moon” by Nick Owen


I try to catch the sunlight
You’re drawing down the moon
You know
That some small flying thing
Will be here soon

I’m casting into cyberspace
The tendrils of my web
A hungry, unknown artist
Another dull celeb

The beauty of my photograph
Will catch you if it can
Spinning world illusions
All for unsuspecting men

I ask you
For a little while
To stick with me
Immersed in poem-pictures
Life suspended
On the cyber-tree

The web of granma spider
Will drain you of your blood
Cocoons of poem-pictures
Can transform your mood

If you think you are a caterpillar
Climbing up a leaf
I bring a transformation
And a solace for your grief

Unlike the hairy spider
I am not a creeping thief
From your dreary daily burdens
I bring relief

If looking into beauty
You fear that you will die
I offer you a rebirth
A butterfly

Poem & Photo by Nick Owen


All Rights Reserved

© 2010


  1. lkthayer · November 1, 2010

    Nick, a magical picture & a magical poem! Incredible work!
    Thank you for squeezing us at The Juice Bar, Happy Halloween! 🙂

  2. Jingle · November 2, 2010

    stunning imagery,
    beautiful poem.
    have a fun November.

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