Poetry In Motion @ Beyond Baroque Thurs. Nov. 11th


Foto by L. K. Thayer


Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th


“People came to hear poetry as if it were a rock concert. It was amazing! We were actually a success story. We even published a book The Hollywood Review… I’m about to start up another run of Poetry In Motion LA, this year at Beyond Baroque…”  Eve Brandstein

More than a reunion – a renaissance and with some new features. The first show of Poetry In Motion LA will be Nov. 11 – Reunion of the Vets with Michael Des Barres, Pamela Des Barres, Anne Beatts, Rick Overton, Ty Granderson Jones, Michael C. Ford, Susan Hayden., Meri Danquah, Yvonne De LaVega, Anthony Di Novi, Pam Ward, Ron Zimmerman, Michael O’Keefe, Jamie Rose, S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott, Eric Trules, Jen Lynch and featured spoken word and musical artist – David Zasloff After that it will be a monthly series every 3rd Thursday.

At Last: A Reunion of the Vets –

On Nov. 11, 2010 Beyond Baroque and Eve Brandstein presents “The Poetry In Motion Series” Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th $10 donation
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(L. K. Thayer will be reading on Jan. 20th, 2011)
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  1. lkthayer · November 10, 2010

    Can’t wait to read with you!! 🙂

  2. Alexis Rhone Fancher · November 10, 2010

    Sounds terrific, and right in my neighborhood! Count me in!

  3. Yvonne de la Vega · November 10, 2010

    Hi Lisa,

    Just wanted to help you out and make a correction. This article was first posted on Examiner. By me. As was the article about you, that is now replicated and posted here as well. Share the love Lisa, I need my hits. I work for them. Thanks Beautiful.


    • lkthayer · November 10, 2010

      Forgive me Yvonne…oversight, my mistake! Thank you for bringing that to my attention, was so excited to promote the event!

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