“OUTSIDE” by Stephen John Kalinich



Foto by L. K. Thayer

life is fucked some times
when you ain’t got a dime
when nothing
seems to rhyme
when you hang with the slime
what do you feel
what do you expect?
When you are a wreck
don’t have a clue
about you or anyone else
you’re a drudge


a dirt filled
you’re a mess
and you are
not in confession.
you jerk off
on Smirnoff
coming down with a cough
friends in rehab
you still have a life
with out a family
a handful of friends
does it get any better
is this how it ends?
Why pretend
no one ascends
its earth
for us all
sooner or later
were all gonna fall
on the street
at the mall
the silence
is deadly
it cuts through your soul
there is no one to blame
you dug your own hole
stop being a baby
blaming everyone else
as if you are helpless
like your somebody else
take responsibility
for your life
put an end to sedition
and strife be ripe be prepared
I know you are  scared
so am I
we all die
a little piece
of me dies everyday
that is truth
what more can I say.
that how it is
need I express more 

my spirt is flat
I crawl on the floor
Its an uproar
a catastrophe
why is it
all about me?
Am I that blind
I don’t see
the answers
all around
in  every experience
each minute
life is going fast
I am not in it
I am not going to last
and I am not in it.
I am outside
along for the ride
I want to jump in
but do not know how.
I do not exist
I am not in the now

along for the ride.

© 2010
All Rights Reserved


  1. lkthayer · December 3, 2010

    Stevie, this sends me……one of my favorite things you’ve put pen to paper..
    hits hard, hits home, hits everyone, home run. Thank you my friend. Lisa

  2. Jaime · December 3, 2010

    is a poem that touches the soul, to read in a bar and out the door thinking about lifting the lives and think “everything can be better today”…
    and I think is the first photo in black and white technique that I see of Lisa, and is good, very good, wonderful balance in tones…
    kiss, kiss

    • lkthayer · December 3, 2010

      Thank you Jaime for your comments…xoxo 🙂

  3. Ian Williams · December 3, 2010

    Stevie, a stunner! I am right there alongside every word… Brilliant work my friend.


  4. Lordy · December 3, 2010

    If you only ever read one poem this year………Then this is the one!

    If ever you thought a nail was life then stevie is a hammer!!!

    • lkthayer · December 3, 2010

      Lord Hicks, I could not have said it better myself!! Bravo Stevie!!!

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