“KARMA” by Ann Norda

I wait
the thunder of a beast
who once bled my soul
crawls up my spiraling spine
threatens to unfurl my mind
once again

I wait
the silence shrouds my heart
I am not obscured, but saved
intricate murmurs of
miasmic hope shiver through
once again

I wait
the earth revolves
over my carcass backwards
in time –  the world stares
at this fetus in the sand
and lifts me from starvation
once again

I wait
wondering who this
silken skin belongs to
what this gracious curve of
breast might mean
how my essence
fell into being
once again

once again
I wait for a world
to erupt under my feet
enrapture me in its arms
and spit me out
with my

Photograph & Poem by Anne Norda

January 11,  © 2010


  1. lkthayer · December 12, 2010

    Anne, I am always awestruck by your work, words & images…quite stunning, again. Thank you for sharing with us at The Juice Bar! – Lisa 🙂

  2. Barry · December 12, 2010

    Beautiful, Anne. You are the gift.

  3. warnworld · December 12, 2010


  4. paul mckay · December 13, 2010

    some haunting, fascinating words and pix

  5. Kim · December 14, 2010

    Amazing Anne, a true artist you are.
    Let’s all meet our destiny next year!

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