“Tho I Have Not A Poem…” by Kari Pratt Bishop



Tho I have not a poem,
I want to share with you
a glimpse on my first morn
of 2011.
I woke up early as I do
and my cats Zack and Abbie were there
on the empty spot for them
to look outside.

They see I’m awake…
it is a new day in what year?
We spent the New Year with party hats, honkers,
and my friend and her two six year old grandsons,
Roman and Gabriel.
Smart, kool kids,
We played CRANIUM …

As I lay in bed this a.m.
the snow was falling
so beautiful
and the gratitude
for my warm bed and my kitties
and the beautiful flakes of snow…
gratitude, gratitude.
This a ramble
no poem.

Kari Pratt Bishop
© 2011


  1. lkthayer · January 5, 2011

    Kari, you have poetry, you just don’t recognize & acknowledge that you do. I am here to help you see it. This is an amazing poem, all I did was make line breaks for you. These are all of your words. You have poetry…please start writing it!!
    Because you need to share it with not only others, but with yourself. I love you, this is wonderful!! Cousin Lisa xoxo 🙂

  2. paul mckay · January 5, 2011

    Oh, yeah, that’s a poem with some gentle and grace-filled but intense feelings in it.

  3. Alexis Rhone Fancher · January 5, 2011

    Not only is this a poem, but also a lovely homage to life & love. Brava!

  4. C. Jean Pearlstein · January 5, 2011

    Kari, really enjoyed your poem–lots of good images, gave a real feeling for what you were experiencing.

  5. Kelly Pratt · January 5, 2011

    happy new year sister. keep your muse happy!

  6. Levy Lee Simon · January 5, 2011

    No poem? Love this poem. I don’t know you but somehow I feel that I know you, not know you, you…but something about your expression which is poetic, you get my point. You see what you started with a poem? Nice.

  7. stevie · January 5, 2011

    This is no poem
    is a poem
    What is a poem anyway Kari?
    What ever you express whatever you feel
    when it tumbles out
    of you
    and you find your own rhythm.
    Your poem.
    I can see it feel it
    you open up your heart and it touches me.
    It finds the poetry in every day.
    I love the part
    “As I lay in bed
    this AM
    the snow was falling.
    I see the picture
    the beautiful flakes of snow
    I visualize them falling down.
    It is reduction
    it captures the essence
    and it is cleansing lie a shoer of snow
    and it falls in my soul effortlessly
    it is real and not pretending
    to be anything but what it is
    There is no mask
    just pure emotion and sweetly coming out
    Thank you for sharing and finding
    some of the beauty in the every day.

    • Kari Bishop · January 6, 2011

      Hello Stevie, Thank you for your comment from your heart. I could tell of course that is where it came from. I laid down this afternoon for a nap attack with Zack and Horton Hears a Who floated across behind my eyelids and I thought of course! I feel like a someone in Who’s Ville and I made a little sqeak. Oh dear. I like living in my pink clover…it smells nice and it is soft and safe? but even a who needs another who to talk to sometimes.
      Love to you , too, and also sweet naps…[smile]

  8. Lordy · January 5, 2011

    Poetry is just a form of thought and we all can do that….It’s only that few write it down…..

    Your thoughts Kari, now down in words express the feeling of life as you see it….. Stevie has wise words on your emotion and reading the other comments shows how much people want to read more from your thoughts.

    Remember we are all snowflakes and every one has their own patent of life………..

    “Tho I have not a poem”……..That’s a poem in one line!!!!!

  9. Candice Rosales · January 6, 2011

    the poems that aren’t poems always turn out to be my favorite…poems. Beautiful, and i look forward to seeing more of your work or non-work.

  10. Roz Levine · January 6, 2011

    Hi there, Kari,
    Welcome to the Juice Bar. This is most definitely a poem. It isn’t a bowl of oatmeal or a cup of cafe latte or even a blueberry scone; it’s a moment with deep words from your heart. It is a poem, by golly and molly. Hope to see more of your work here, there and everywhere.

  11. Marcus · January 6, 2011

    Hi Kari,
    I love nopoempoems. How they say what we are! Snowflakes so perfect sometimes. And then in a blizzard, can’t find our way. This gem is a way in. It’s a path of nature knowing itself. You describe your experience by awareness of your experience and i am grateful to feel this “ramble”,
    poeting us.


  12. Leslie Thayer · January 6, 2011

    I have such a big smile on my face as I fall softly into the images and tumble inside of your world for a moment to be seen from your eyes. Keep letting us peek in and out, through pictures and prose and, yes, poetry :))
    Much Love,

    • Kari Bishop · January 6, 2011

      I love you Leslie. You have always had an admirer of you in me. You were always so older and bigger and cooler and as I saw you as a little kid you were just IT. My kid glasses are gone but please trust me when I say you really are IT. All love from Kari

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