“My Dream For America” by Stephen John Kalinich

Grace in abundance to you
riches spiritually,
and emotionally.
Each moment is a great adventure
All is in its time
all things work for good
all things teach us
and tears
and faith
we carry onward
in this journey.
Beauty is everywhere
lack is everywhere too
starving children cry out to us
a world beckons
where races and creeds
and religions
are not  a hindrance to living love
Inspiration invites us all to the feast
of possibilities
where other see problems
i see challenges
where there is lack
i see opportunity
where there is greed
i see generosity too.
Hand in hand
we can not hold on
to one material thing
it all goes when we  go
we only have spirit and life
to live and bless each other.
Limitation is not in our language
we do not give up
we follow the dream
of Martin Luther King
and John Kennedy.
Yes it is rough
there are rugged tough times
but we can overcome the obstacles.
We can learn to live with less
and still be blessed.
We can share
those of us who have
to those who need
without depleting ourselves.
Calmness and stillness
silence earth quakes
bring inner peace.
Only we with our hand
in the hand of Grace
Can triumph in this adversity
and we can.
I know we can.
Nothing can stop
our determination,
intent and pursuit
to make
this a better planet
and a more united world.
I will not bow down
to the oppressive forces
that try to hinder
this onward journey.
I will strive every day
to be more gentle and kind
yet strong and resilient.
Our greatness lies
in our humility
our ability to change
when we pick the wrong course.
All trials can lead us to awareness.
Let the angry become meek
Let the tragic inspire
a never ending appreciation
of how great a gift life is
and how fortunate
with all our problems
that we live in America
that even with all its complexity
and short comings
it is still being carved out
that rights to all
are granted and enforced
that all people
are embraced and included
abide by the laws
as long as the laws  are just.
Let us never serve false masters
or those that will split us apart
One nation indivisible
with liberty for all.
Let the teaching be love
that meets the human need
where it is
that feeds the hungry
and offers the gift of freedom.
Last but not least
let us make practical
in the every day
living peace.
© 2011






  1. lkthayer · January 8, 2011

    Oh Stevie, bless you and your powerful words…keep sending us the message! Love you – Lisa

  2. paul mckay · January 8, 2011

    Sweet dream that. Like it.

  3. stevie · January 8, 2011

    I love Lisa and all you folks.
    I am grateful for every breath.
    I pray for all of us and the world
    and that we live our poems express in our actions
    a genuine humanity
    that calls fort the best in all of us and allows for the human flaws too.
    Life with all its problems
    is the greatest gift.

  4. paul mckay · January 8, 2011


  5. Mary Hendrix · January 15, 2011

    Inspiration invites us all to the feast
    of possibilities
    Limitation is not in our language

    Start the book. 🙂

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