“Mother Africa” by Theida Salazar

(In honor of Black History Month)

Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Johannesburg, Mali, Monrovia, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone,
Morocco, GHANA, Botswana, just to name a few
Mother Africa nothing else moves me quite the way you do
The jewel of the Nile, the fertile valley of your sister, mother earth
To all of civilization you have given birth
The green land is the soil that has produced mankind
The red is for the dead &bloodshed to which history’s blind
The blacks the color of the people most beautiful souls
Blood diamonds in the rough precious hills full of gold
From the middle passage where our ancestors sold
Apartheid my heart cried man the enemies bold
Repatriate that’s what Marcus Garvey had told
From Shaka Zulu let me school u down to Hallie Selassie
Queens & Kings Fulfill G-Ds ultimate prophecy
Velocity of freedom and the wisdom supreme
Respect for Mother Africa is the ultimate dream
See king had a dream mines is more like epiphany
The drums beat loud the jungles is the natural symphony
Moshe, Abrahim, Issac, Jacob, Mandella, Kofi Annan,
Stephen Biko, Cleopatra, Desmond tutu were meant to be
I hope one day my name is a similie
That means I did something special for Africa eventually
Like writing this poem I spent spiritual energy
My souls destined essentially like
Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar & the Sahara
We must preserve the sanctity of their names or its cultural error
Nubian Beings seldom seeing today’s ills we prepara
I try to write & recite & shield like armor you wearer
In the battle (pause)
Revolution is solution we the ultimate cattle
Branded mark of the beast in slave ships when we travel

Please research ya roots in Africa to the belly & womb
Mt Zion third eyeing movement Lazarus Tomb
to revelation resume to tribulation & soon
Anniahilation through salvation this is spiritual grove
Kilimanjaro, makes me know there’s a bright tomorrow
For them boys in Sudan man you know I’m feeling sorrow
And illegal sex trades they Raping our women
In the pools of their valley they invade & they swimming
Aids is rising high & we need a cure
They didn’t ask for the life Lord cant it be something pure
In Native Tongue I great my teacher with knowledge allure
Hamyambo zabari azabuhi- Mwalimu Moshi
Africa’s a part of our culture & heritage guard it closely
The Uganda & Kenya & Somalia locally
Arise & realize where the equator Supposed to be
If Im a Player then my Lair in Mother Africa’s coach to me
Tanzania to Cameroon Coast on Ivory Tunes
Mother Africa I promise I’m coming real soon
Lake Tanganyika I want to swim in her waves & lagoons and sleep like a prince under a cherry moon
& teach a class at one of Oprah’s schools
Darwinism says the 1st man was Africa cool
Hominid -3.2 million yrs from archaeological tool
& you know what they say-Mama ain’t raisin no fools
Hidden like the Gaza strip with Pharaoh’s & Jewels
To the red sea and exodus and spiritual clues
Original land mass they called her Pangaea
80 million yrs of history is onomatopoeia
I wrote these words because I realize that I need u
Africa I love you your legacy will never leave u

Theida Salazar
© 2011


  1. lkthayer · February 23, 2011

    A very powerful tribute full of passion, keep the words alive like you do, thank you for sharing, welcome to The Juice Bar Salazar!

  2. Levy Lee Simon · February 24, 2011

    Beautifully written. LL

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