journal entry by Stephen John Kalinich

I love to go down town
and walk the streets in the day time .
Do you ever go to the Central market?
I go there and sit or just watch people.
Ride the Angels flight
walk miles hike the city streets
walk to the end of Grand
make a left
go up Sunset
i see the people pushing the shopping carts
the discarded whiskey bottles.
I walk past the Music Center
and grasp the immensity
of little things.
I just look at the sky.
I am at the Beach
so much of the time
and in nature
but I am learning the beauty of the city
the museums
the libraries
the sweep of it
the Union train station the buses
where people go to many destinations.
Once in awhile
a painting grabs me
a sculpture
a face on the street
and i see my face in it
and the face of everyone.
At night
I walk among the tall buildings
near the library
and feel the pulse of humanity.
A throbbing Los Angeles.
I am grateful   to be alive.
Sometimes i do nothing
but it is exhilarating.
i slow down and for a moment
feel life as life
a living breathing poem
and a serenity passes through me
and it feels good
for an instant
the pain leaves my body
and I face my fears
and love these little steps
of the journey.
Stephen John Kalinich
Foto by L. K. Thayer
© 2011


  1. lkthayer · February 28, 2011

    I love you Stevie 🙂

  2. Alexis Rhone Fancher · February 28, 2011

    A huge love poem to LA, my favorite city. I was there, Stephen, right along with you. Such a ride!

  3. stevie · February 28, 2011

    Alexis I saw you.Lisa too.
    Bash as they may
    I love LA and Randy Newman too

    • lkthayer · February 28, 2011

      Me too!!! XOXO
      Sent on the Now Network from my Sprint® BlackBerry

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