“To Rescue Oneself” by Stephen John Kalinich

To rescue oneself before sinking
Into the traps of modern existence
Is a challenging task.
To live with raw feelings
And always be in a reactive state
Is an easy pit to fall into-?
Every time it leads
To a nullification of authenticity.
Attention must be paid
And the warning signs must be heeded…
This leads to lives that are unfulfilled-
Thoughtful consideration
Can restore our perception
To an awareness which seemed out of our range but
It is possible to move through the debris
And out of the chaos.
Some people seem incapable of   growth.
Day after day they stay locked in patterns
That ties them to limitation.
I am calling for a radical change.
For a super human effort to reestablish
Our mental health and our sanity.
We grow up believing so much
Is chance or fate
That we lose the awareness
That there are aspects of the self
That we can change
And by so doing
Make ourselves more receptive
To options and opportunities
And for good to flow into
Our experience.

Stephen John Kalinich

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2011

One comment

  1. lkthayer · March 17, 2011

    I love this Stevie…you always have such a brilliant message & generous insight & compassion, thank you. Love you, Lisa

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