“La Isla Solamente” by Yvonne de la Vega

It is a quiet clapping
no waves

the beach is perfect
the way she combed it

her writing stick
to commando

across the sand

every ripple on the water
she has named

every shell silver dollar
every palm frond fallen

she can even time the breezes
if she wants to.

there are only 11 seagulls
she has their potato chips
there is plenty enough
for every beak
there are no
to have to
listen to.

clouds with colors
a sistine ceiling
all is as always in


by the rhythmic quiet
lapping along her private beach
where she controls all

but suddenly now
some full sail clipper
attempting anchor just

and she clicks
her tongue
with stink eye
and the yen

where are the
words in the sand

she stands with her stick
and in vain tries to recall
the poignant message
she had dreamt and
rose to scrawl
for this day

it was brilliant!
it was good now
what was it?

her winged familiar
flies above humming
at it’s side
a giant dragonfly
a discerning eye
and love looks
like illusion

and if only
the distant rumbling
were tsunami
to save her

if only the reef would
rise like great barrier
sharks circling ’round
methane bubbles
fire corral
man o’ war

she wants everything
but remembers this and wants
not that hunger
not that intrusion
nor that dragonfly
with it’s bright peacock
wings and wisdom
nothing more than that

which is nothing
which is everything
a fly nonetheless
beautiful or no.

she holds a rusted key ready
to toss it into the newly agitated surf
the lock now missing
just gone
just gone

in love sadness
takes inventory
of everything that
might be moved or
must be buried
pre reminiscing

of when her island

was pristine and
void of any

when writing in
the sand once
came so easily

-yvonne de la vega

© 2011


  1. lkthayer · March 29, 2011

    Such soulful writing, you are a great poet Yvonne, bravo.

  2. Yvonne de la Vega · March 29, 2011

    Lisa Lovely Lady. Thank you, much respect back ‘atcha and lots of love 😉

    Oh and thank you for the elegance, dressing my poem in black, I love it. xox

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