BottleRock presents “Poets & Musicians Un-Corked” Tonight!!

Sunday Evening April 17th 7:00 PM

with poets

L. K. Thayer

Levy Lee Simon

Alexis Rhone Fancher

Adesh Kaur

Joe Kennedy

and great live music!

(((No Cover Charge)))

BottleRock Culver City
3847 Main Street
Culver City, CA 90232

Phone: 310.836.WINE (9463)

In association with Juice Bar Productions


  1. lkthayer · March 31, 2011

    Can’t wait…see you there! 🙂

  2. Susan Hayden · March 31, 2011

    What fun!! Birthday celebration??

    • lkthayer · March 31, 2011

      No, this is after my birthday 🙂

  3. Roz Levine · April 1, 2011

    Sounds great. More kudos to you for spreading our words to the world.

  4. mac the knife · April 6, 2011

    Wow…I will try to make it !
    Mac the Knife

  5. Susan Hayden · April 12, 2011

    I want to read !!

    • lkthayer · April 12, 2011

      You will, you will my dear and Eve too!!
      Sent on the Now Network from my Sprint® BlackBerry

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