Stephen John Kalinich

We Are All We Have

I was hungry

So I lived on hope

Until the refrigerator was empty.

I tried to live on peace

Until I became the restless wind

until I could not breathe

I tried to eat the air until

It became smoke in my lungs.

I jumped into the ocean

I cannot swim

I started to float

Waiting for a boat

Or a raft to come along

It did not come.

My body is down to bones

There are sores all over

There is an emptiness

That keeps getting larger and larger

That does not believe in meaning

Or look for purpose

But that believes it must be created

No one is coming out of the stars

To help me

To help us

So we must let

The helper rise up within us

We must become the helper.

We must grow the food

That will fill the hunger.

We are all we have

All we know for sure.

© 2011

Stephen John Kalinich

Foto by L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved


  1. lkthayer · May 2, 2011

    Heartfelt words Stevie, always inspiration, great poem. Love Lisa

  2. Susan Hayden · May 2, 2011

    I loveyou Stevie. Your truth speaks to me ❤

  3. stevie · May 2, 2011

    Susan I miss you immensly.Love to your son.You ar a real sweetie and i appreciate your goodness and your

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