“The Lemon Tree” by Vicki Batkin

I opened my front door
And saw a lemon tree
In all it’s glory
It breathes life
I fell in love

I will love this lemon tree
After the valiant blossoming
Is over
I will love this lemon tree
After the leaves have fallen
I will love this lemon tree
When it becomes frail

The moon is coming
In a little while
I will fall asleep
Wake up to my new lemon tree

I’ll pick the first lemon
Maybe I won’t
I’ll just sit
By the lemon tree
And talk
About the small things
That happened
In my day

Vicki Batkin

© 2011


  1. lkthayer · March 26, 2011

    You know I love this poem Vicki! A perfect Juice Bar squeeze!!
    Simple & full of meaning…bravo!

  2. Roz Levine · March 26, 2011

    Thank goodness for Vicki and her lemon tree feast. May I use a few if I have to make lemonade?

  3. Alexis Rhone Fancher · March 26, 2011

    Simply lovely.

  4. kay · March 26, 2011

    Vicki… love this….

  5. Julie · March 26, 2011

    Love it…over and over again.


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