“Sparring With The Beatnik Ghosts” Tonight @ Stella Adler Theatre!

San Francisco’s popular traveling poetry super-show “Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts” brings its marvelous, mystic boxing match of spoken word variety to southern California for the “L.A. Sparring Tour” June 4-6 with five “Rounds” of knockout poetry and music.The L.A. Sparring Tour kicks off at Beyond Baroque (681 Venice Blvd., Venice) on Saturday, June 4 at 9 p.m. This Round (#15 in the series) features San Francisco cabaret poet Cara Vida, Ellyn Maybe & Her Band, Jeanne Spicuzza, Guy Hoffman, Eve Brandstein, Lisa Thayer, Susan Hayden, Jack Bowman; plus Mystery Poets. Hosted by Rich Ferguson.Next up, the first-ever Sunday matinee show of Sparring With Beatnik Ghostswill inspire and entertain at the Whitefire Theatre (13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks) – June 5 at 11 a.m. (doors 10:30 a.m.). The special matinee show will offer six featured performers plus an open mic segment at the conclusion (sign-up at 10:30 a.m. as time slots are limited). Mani Suri will host and produce the Round 16 reading at Whitefire, showcasing the talents of Peter Coca, Jim Bolt, Amélie Frank, Elizabeth Iannaci, Angel Perales, Mehnaz Turner and special guest San Francisco poet Cara Vida.

There are two incredible evening shows Sunday, June 5 in Chinatown at Grand Star Jazz Club (943 Sun Mun Way, Los Angeles) — Rounds 17 and 18. The first round of the “Sparring Double Feature” is at 5 p.m. – an ensemble spectacular with jazz performers “The Scrappers”; hosted and produced by S.A. Griffin: and featuring dynamic wordsmiths Rafael FJ Alvarado, Laurel Ann Bogen, Michael C. Ford, Douglas Kearney, Marc Olmsted, Ara Shiriyan, Herbert T. Schmidt, Jr. and Pam Ward. The second round of the evening will be brought to you by Mike The Poet at 9 p.m., ushering in an impressive lineup of performance poets, including Jim Bolt, Rachel Kann, Michael Leon, Mindy Nettifee, Brenda Petrakos, Dani Roter, Chris Vannoy, Cara Vida, Rex Weiner and special guest Berkeley poet Steve Arntson. Plus mystery poets will surprise and put the ghosts in check.

The final round of the L.A. Sparring Tour will bring the three-day poetic séance to a rollicking close on 7:30 p.m. at Monday night, June 6 — Stella Adler Theatre — 6773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Host Mike The Poet will bring together one final sparring crew to keep the ghosts in the ropes. Features include Hart D. Fisher, Busstop Prophet, Richard Modiano, Eric Lawson, Lee Boek, Rachel Kann, Susan Hayden, Lisa Thayer, Besskepp and Bay Area Poets Cara Vida and Steve Arntson. Mystery poets will materialize to join in on the Spar.

The L.A. Sparring Tour is produced by Mike The Poet, Michael C. Ford and Daniel Yaryan. Grand Star Producer is S.A. Griffin and The Whitefire Theatre Producer is Mani Suri. Admission to these events is a $7 donation ($5 for students/seniors at Beyond Baroque). No one turned away.

For more information, visit www.sparringwithbeatnikghosts.com or email dyaryan@gmail.com.

RSVP at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149589848443704


  1. lkthayer · June 2, 2011

    I am getting jazzed for this!! 🙂

  2. Lordy · June 5, 2011

    I hope all went well……….I can still hear the clapping from here!!!

    • lkthayer · June 6, 2011

      Thanks Mitch! Tremendously talented poets & musicians & lots of claps!! Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood Monday night…yeah! XXX 🙂

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