“Leading Lady” by L. K. Thayer

It’s like I’ve been using paint thinner, like life is too thick on the
canvas so I have to thin it out so it’s not so loud and bumpy. I
wrestle with the color palette, infra red for super sonic visual
orgasms of mayhem and moonshine. Someone cut the mustard,
I need that deviled egg paprika thing. I spent years in dark theatres,
no wonder I have a hard time with reality, the pretending is so much
richer, safer, freeze dried…like ice cubes in an ice tray, I belonged
somewhere and had to know my entrance and exit. Yes it was the fast lane,
the someone discover me lane, hoping someone would trip over me in
traffic school or notice me as I took their drink order hoping they left me
a big tip. Back to the theatre… it was so nice living someone else’s life,
having some else’s dialogue, acting out someone else’s drama and being
able to drop it at the door. My own life is another story, I’m the leading lady
trying to learn my blocking, remember direction, remember my lines, that’s
really it. That’s what it all comes down to, what’s your motivation,
make sure they hear you in the back row, and remember to stay in your light.

Photo & Poem by L. K. Thayer

© 2011


  1. Fred Whitlock · July 20, 2011

    Its 4am and what a treat to find this poem. It seems that these words have brought you to the light. You have captured the struggle to get there so well.

    • lkthayer · July 20, 2011

      Thanks so much Fred, life is about how well we struggle I guess..you are a dear. Lisa 🙂

  2. stevie · July 23, 2011

    Lisa i love you and miss you feel te absence of your responses and may you find the stillness.All is agiftand there is much to be garteful for.You have discovered the beginnings of your self no one can ever do that for you but you.
    You are a creative beautiful soul and i wish you blessings.sk

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