1. Julie · August 20, 2011

    Oh, how I miss you and that class. This is just what I needed this morning. xoxoxox

    • lkthayer · August 20, 2011

      We miss you Julie!! Come back in the fall! 🙂

  2. kellypratt · August 20, 2011

    beautiful. you captured it perfectly!

  3. Mitch · August 20, 2011

    I just bet your mum would love this!!!
    Give her lots of hugs……..XX

    • lkthayer · August 20, 2011

      I will save some hugs for you!! XXX
      Sent on the Now Network from my Sprint® BlackBerry

  4. Roz Levine · August 20, 2011

    Lisa, how beautiful, spare and grogeous, revealing so very much.

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