Dear Charles by Apryl Skies

Dear Charles,

I wonder if I went back in time

to rewrite history all in rhyme

might we have met in a salacious bar

and made dirty love beneath the stars?

Waking up wrapped in hotel linen

tasting lips still stained with gin

I ponder how my name might sound

from your tongue with words profound

Would I become a tawdry poem,

your desire, an insatiable, cursed omen,

master, beast, A Dog From Hell

seductions of some wicked spell?

Don’t leave me yet, I have not said

all I wish to proclaim before bed

take these words and eat them,

like the fabric beneath my ruffled hem~

April Skies

(Read Apryl’s fabulous article on L.K. Thayer

in the LA Examiner!)

© 2012


  1. lkthayer · February 5, 2012

    I love this lyrical poem Apryl! You have a great love of words and play with them masterfully! Thanks for sharing with The Juice Bar
    and for your amazing feature in LA Examiner! You are a brilliant writer my dear! 🙂

    • Apryl Skies · February 5, 2012

      Thank you for the opportunity to share my work much love and inspiration to you. ~Apryl

  2. paula · February 5, 2012

    outstanding right – ambience and all

    • paula · February 5, 2012

      oh forgot the question mark : )

  3. Karen · February 5, 2012

    Loved the poem Apryl!

  4. laurness · February 5, 2012

    This wonderful little poem delighted me! A delicious romp that touched a salty part inside me not visited often enough. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  5. A wonderful, playful poem, Apryl. I’m so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve!


  6. Lois Michal Unger · February 6, 2012

    I like this poem and the kind of nostaligia it stirs up

  7. Apryl Skies · January 19, 2013

    Oh just revisiting this poem again. Thank you all for the replies and the kind words. Love to all of you. ~A

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