Tennessee Williams

Blue Song

I am tired.
I am tired of speech and of action.
If you should meet me upon the
street do not question me for
I can tell you only my name
and the name of the town I was
born in-but that is enough.
It does not matter whether tomorrow
arrives anymore. If there is
only this night and after it is
morning it will not matter now.
I am tired. I am tired of speech
and of action. In the heart of me
you will find a tiny handful of
dust. Take it and blow it out
upon the wind. Let the wind have
it and it will find its way home.

Tennessee Williams


  1. Henry B. Rosenbush · March 10, 2012

    One may tire of much in this nanosecond existence; however, never for such profound and vivid realism in words that conjur the truth beyond the author’s artistry.

  2. Debra Swihart · March 11, 2012

    I was feeling tired and uninspired today. A shot of juice from the bar and I’m feeling much better. Thank you.

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