Stephen John Kalinich

A daughter killed
upon a sidewalk
struck down by a cab
A baby mother left with someone else
dies when i am at school
an abortion in Spanish Harlem
Twins  laying in a toilet
that never had one breath
that never came into existence
This self
that we chase
that is us
that we never catch
this fleeting flicker
held together
by such fragile
and invisble threads
that tare
and pull at us
that lift us
like a marionette”
© 2012


  1. lkthayer · March 17, 2012

    Very powerful Stevie, thank you for sharing your gift. Love Lisa

  2. Mitch · March 17, 2012

    I’m not sure I have words that merit a reply Stevie….I just feel for the love you still have in your heart for the the human race.
    Your poems flow raw and embrace……….

  3. Stephen · March 17, 2012

    Thank you all this happened before i was 15 and was my first or second real encounter with the sort of sadness and side of life that few talk about and as we are lost in this positive affirmation age
    real feigns are squeezed out and lost in the shuffle.My god look at the World situation and you can see we are missing the boat of humanities cries.

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