“A Woman Scorned” by Shequita Johnson

SUDDENLY……..the lights go dim,,muffled voices echo at the gates of my ears
Sanity is tossed out of consciousness with the force of a viscious whirlwind
The explosions of my heartbeat rattles throughout my chest
My soul cringes as veins pulsate violently in my neck
Like a caged wild animal that is set free
Chains of every emotion were broken that were held captive inside me
Rage jolted through my body like and electric shock
Finally reaching my destination at the point of no return
With the final blow to my face instantly unlocking pandora’s box
No second chance to apologize, not time to take it back
You watch me as I watch you….. and our memories fade to black…….
–  Shequita Johnson
Model – Latoya Williams
© 2012