“WAITING FOR JACK…” – Friday Dec. 7th 8pm. @ Beyond Baroque

Meet the Beats – 
S.A. Griffin/Ferlinghetti
Peter Harris/Ted Joans
Lisa Thayer/Anne Waldman
Richard Modiano/Gregory Corso
Dani Roter/Joyce Johnson
Mark Boone Jr./Charles Bukowski
John Thomas/John Harris
Pegerty Long/Philomene Long
Herb Schmid/Kenenth Patchem
Dave Alvin/Jack Spicer,
Rick Overton/Rexroth
Marc Olmsted/Allen Ginsberg
and surprise guests…..

with Rex Weiner & Michael C Ford

Produced by Eve Brandstein


Beyond Baroque

681 Venice Boulevard  

Venice, CA 90291
(310) 822-3006

Be There Or Be Square……….

One comment

  1. lkthayer · December 2, 2012

    Let’s rock it again! 🙂

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