“Holes in My Armour” by Paula Lietz

Holes in My Armour


the storm strived for balance
it was foaming in secrets
and I turned away from
the brunt of its wrath
knowing it was game
I had no choice but to play
and no hope of winning
with each roll of thunder I faded
keeping chaos and beauty at bay
denial or self-defence it did not matter
I closed my eyes in sweet reprieve
listening to the echo of the downpour
like a dog licking her wounds I wanted
the solitude, needed the time of which
oddly we know devours all things
a timid then demanding beckoning
an annoying bright light seeping
through the holes in my armour
refractions splayed upon the metal
a kaleidoscope of art filling the darkness
with the breathy chant you are you are you are
my fear of being subsiding as I realized
my perception of space itself was distorted
by the brilliant prismatic hues signifying
I was actually only maintaining space
on a complicated planet, perhaps art to some
and the wreckage of the storm I thought was ~
just that, a thought

Artwork & Poem by

Paula Lietz

© 2013


  1. lkthayer · January 23, 2013

    You are an extraordinary artist & poet Paula, murky & mystical…
    a divine work to blanket and curl up with!

    • Paula Lietz · January 23, 2013

      you are a talented generous soul –
      thank you
      Pd Lietz

  2. peter j harris · January 24, 2013

    entranced by first two lines

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