Alicia Young


FB Musings… 

“Awoke to blue cotton candy fog spun into the tops of the Autumn leaves. Spiders hung dewy bunting between the trees and the eves of the house all around the perimeter of the property. It looks like Gomez and Morticia are decorating for a wedding. My coffee has vanilla, cayenne, and heavy cream. Chandler is reading Bukowski. Gabriel is working a 3D crystal skull puzzle. Vinnie Pupparino removed all the stuffing from his pink daisy pig. The cats are looking at him like he’s an asshole. There is breakfast and the rest of my life to be considered. There is no angry man sulking in the kitchen. No time clock to punch. When I look back in 30 years at this moment, I’ll remember it as pure happiness.”

– Alicia Young


  1. lkthayer · October 14, 2013

    I love to bathe in your poetic thoughts, even off Facebook!

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