Bob’s Espresso Bar – Poetry Reading – Sunday Oct. 27th 2:00PM!

Espresso Coffee photo: Espresso coffee nh0457.jpg

Bob’s Espresso Bar
5251 Lankershim Bl.
No. Hollywood, CA 91601
which is located between Magnolia and Weddington on Lank. right across the street from the NoHo 7 movie theatre. Bob is an actor-singer-songwriter who owns the coffee house, and it’s a really warm vibe in this little place.
Third, I am inviting you to come and see me read! The event will be hosted by my poet friends Radomir Luza and Jessica Wilson, both excellent writers, as well as mainstays in the writer open mike scene here in Los Angeles. this will take place Sunday, October 27th, from 2-4 in the afternoon.
Four, this is an Open Mike venue, a great opportunity for Jack grapes students to read your writing to the public! It’s a creative crowd that comes into this place, will give you a chance to meet an audience and woo them!(Woo….wooo, waaah….yaha, yaha ) it’s easy, see you stand in place, relax, and say what ya gotta say, baby!
So come on down! It’d be great to see everybody, and a chance for us all to catch up! See you there and
Lotsa Love, Joe
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  1. lkthayer · October 27, 2013

    See you there!! 🙂

  2. adeshkaur · October 27, 2013

    YES!!! You genius poets will rock the caffeine. I want photos. Love ya alls…

  3. joel · October 28, 2013

    wish I could make it!!! You’re all going to rule the world that night!

  4. genoveve · October 28, 2013

    When is the next Sunday poetry reading at Bob’s? Would like to attend. Please let me know. Thankssssssssssssss

  5. Jessica Wilson · October 30, 2013

    Thank you for the love and for posting the reading! ❤ Love the support! You were all so fabulous and a treat to hear! xoxo
    Pix are on FB:

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