Wanda Coleman – R.I.P.

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In That

Other Fantasy





by Wanda Coleman

we were never caught

we partied the southwest, smoked it from L.A. to El Dorado 
worked odd jobs between delusions of escape
drunk on the admonitions of parents, parsons & professors 
driving faster than the road or law allowed. 
our high-pitched laughter was young, heartless & disrespected 
authority. we could be heard for miles in the night

the Grand Canyon of a new manhood. 
womanhood discovered
like the first sighting of Mount Wilson

we rebelled against the southwestern wind 

we got so naturally ripped, we sprouted wings, 
crashed parties on the moon, and howled at the earth 

we lived off love. It was all we had to eat

when you split you took all the wisdom
and left me the worry


  1. Stephen · November 24, 2013

    So sad a sweet colorful rich energy a presence you could not help but feel who could touch your soul the earth cries and it is a loss for all of us and the streets of Los Angles have lost a love but her poems and spirit will remain
    s j kalinich
    Do not be afraid to cry.

  2. Fred Whitlock · November 25, 2013

    Sad and heart breaking to see her go, but when she split , luckly we are left with the magic and power of her words.

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