“on higher heels” by LadyHawk


bad boys
lickety split
up my center and down
my spine
tingle me, shackle me
singe me, cringe me
wicked boys
yes, I have been their
wind up toy
roll me over
unlike a four leaf clover
unlucky in love
yes, you are the ones
I shave my legs for
open, open, open
pound on the door frenzy
you don’t deserve me
but I have served myself up
on your king size platter
it didn’t matter
I didn’t matter
what was the matter
with me?
eat me, deplete me, complete me
you are not worthy
but I will step right up
and be your tattooed lady
brand me, stick me, prick me
lick me like candy
chug me, drug me, hug me
charm me, creep me, crawl me
I love you,
all of you
that got away
thank God you got away
and I am still standing
on higher heels
and it feels
oh…so good
© 2014
Photo by LadyHawk

One comment

  1. lkthayer · January 9, 2014

    Thank you Ms. Hawk! 🙂

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