1. lkthayer · April 5, 2016

    One of your best Mitch!! Thank you darling! 🙂

  2. alexisrhonefancher · April 5, 2016

    So pleased to see the resurrection of The Juice Bar. Always love Mitch’s stellar photos! Xoxo, Alexis

  3. Mitch · April 5, 2016

    Thanks sooooo much for publishing my photo from the installation artwork by Brazillian artist Tonico Lemos Auad. The tins were snapped in the lovely iconic De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill. Sandblasted, painted and titled “Small Fires”.
    My thoughts to this photo are…. “There can be many fruitful days in your life, but the best cherries on top are the ones we keep canned forever in our mind”

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