Fruit For Thought…


Yes! We Have No Bananas
There’s a fruit store on our street
It’s run by a Greek.
And he keeps good things to eat
But you should hear him speak!
When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”.
He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough
He tells you
“Yes, we have no bananas
We have-a no bananas today.
We’ve string beans, and onions
Cabbageses, and scallions,
And all sorts of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned to-mah-to
A Long Island po-tah-to
But yes, we have no bananas.
We have no bananas today.”
Business got so good for him that he wrote home today,
“Send me Pete and Nick and Jim; I need help right away.”
When he got them in the store, there was fun, you bet.
Someone asked for “sparrow grass” and then the whole quartet
All answered
“Yes, we have no bananas…


  1. lkthayer · June 15, 2017

    Thank you darling Mitch, I love your juicy snaps! There is always a seat at The Juice Bar waiting for you…Cheers! ~X~X~X~

  2. Mitch · June 16, 2017

    Going bananas over you my darling ~x~ ~x~ ~x~

    • lkthayer · June 19, 2017

      Thank you darling Mitch!!

      • Mitch · June 20, 2017

  3. lkthayer · June 21, 2017

    hahahaha! ~X~X~X~

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