“I must say my favorite living poetry site
is the Juice Bar..
Juice on many levels
It is about now,
squeezing your life force now
your expression now.
It is in the living present.
You can not live
on what your created yesterday
inwardly for long..
You can not dwell on it..
you have to let moments go
an make space within yourself
for the newness
the raw
the unexpressed …
always on the tip
of your consciousness.
every second spinning and changing…
you need aliveness
new juice in you
all the time
and running through you
in ever flow
if you hit a wall
juice it…
dig for the lesson…
Even if its been
in the drawer for decades
pull it out
juice it ..bring it…share it
and let it go..
it is what keeps us alive.
God bless the Juice Bar
and visit it.
Get in touch with your own juice…
improve play it like a Sax
or beat it like drums

be a percussion and a solo trumpet
find your own voice
and be inspired by others
until you awaken to your own gifts…
Ride the words the images
don’t edit them
or stop them
later there is time for that
now is a dazzling time

your time to live…”

Stephen John Kalinch


I’m the squeeze
the juice queen
bar none
never know
when you’re
gonna be
the one

got my eyes
on everybody’s
chimes &

poetry crimes

for the underdogs
and cogs
in the wheels that
go round

squeeze it tight
squeeze it right
down to
the ground

take it up
take it
pass it all

juice it
‘spruce goose’ it
wrap it up
and papoose it

carry those poems
in your hip

carry them
marry them


don’t bury them

L. K . Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009


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  2. souldose · March 4, 2010

    Now this blog is refreshing original, I’m in love.

    • lkthayer · March 5, 2010

      I love that you love The Juice Bar! Thank you for your soul!! LK 🙂

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