VC Ferry is transplant to Philadelphia via Gainesville, Fl, where he went to school, at the University of Florida earning a degree in Broadcasting with a minor in art. While always artistic in nature, photography didn’t start in his life until several years later, thanks to the suggestion of an astrologer, who said, “Photos are something I see in your future.” With that in mind, VC started taking photos of everything that peaked his interest using his digital point-and-shoot. He soon discovered how much he loved it, and began to invest in equipment that could better reflect his work. Presently, VC currently has work displayed in 2 locations in Philadelphia area. At this point, he doesn’t know what the future of his artistic career may evolve into, as he is simply enjoying the journey.

“I prefer to experience the world in a way that connects me with the beauty in the every day. When I shoot, I seek to be at one with the image, and the feeling that it brings. I appreciate the value of capturing the familiar that one may see, but has never truly seen.
My hope is to create artwork that conveys a sense of peace, and lures the viewer into the present moment.”

VC Ferry – vcferry.com/


  1. Kelly Pratt · October 9, 2009

    VC, i love your photography… when i get my blog up i would love to talk with you about promoting your photos and your website…

  2. vc · October 15, 2009

    thanks Kelly, what do you do?

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