“Power” by L. K. Thayer

I have cramps.
I thought the period thing was over.
I have no energy, I don’t want to speak to anyone, or show up for anything. I’m tired of showing up. I’m tired of showing. I’m tired, period.
Trying to make something happen. Trying to make it.
That damn word, it. The it thing, the it girl …it can go suck it! Fuck it… Fuck it’s self!!
I wear an art mask. Masking taped together with thumbtacks and glue. I don’t want to take care of anybody or anything…I don’t want to take care of myself.
I feel like a loser. A hamster on a ferris wheel, I don’t wanna be the sideshow, the second wheel, the second fiddle…I want to open. Be the one who they pay to see.
The phone rings…I see it has a blocked number. I reach for the sound to turn it off. There was a time when I would’ve given anything for him to call. Just to hear his deep voice would send shivers in all the right places. Knowing we would spend hours sharing saliva and other bodily juices. I miss that feeling of really wanting someone, the way my heart rushed at the thought of him, wanting to look good for him, kiss him, smell him, stroke his hair, lay my head on his chest. He broke my heart for a while, but I got it back and he wants to see me again and Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care…
I turn the sound on the cell down to vibrate and feel my power, the power I gave away… and I feel good.

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

Stephen John Kalinich

Foto by L. K. Thayer

“Poetry is an ongoing process

it never stops
both the visual poetry
and  the emotional scale of poems
that form into words
after they come out
they need to be  pruned
a garden needs tending and once
on rare  occasion
a blossom erupts
breaks through the soil and
a living plant appears .
If a poem can ever do that
it will touch you.
It will be magic.
Our paintings
are visual poems
that speak in another language
a wordless expression
that speaks to the eyes and senses.
that can awaken all the colors of being.”
© 2010

Stephen Kalinich ( journal entry May 2010)

Thank God for you
and for the every day infinite love
that kindles in me something not of me.
Here we are 2010
open receptive
we can handle anything if we give
laughter its due
and enter the calm
undo the necessity
hear the sounds
only a mermaid can sing
in this living water of life
we swim in :

each day is a blessing
no matter what
all experience teaches me
Good is more powerful than evil
even though it is tough
in my pain
i rejoice
because my life
has been grand
and full..
this is just another challenge
and it will be interesting to see
how Grace works it out.
rearrange your values
it calls out to me
from the center of my soul

Stephen Kalinich

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

Stephen Kalinich – journal entry

“The Universe loves you just the way you are

who does not see your scars
and kisses your wounds
the lips of life
upon your naked soul
whispering there is
still time
another day another dance
your father is the wind
your mother is your breath
you walk in this grand cathedral
is the blessing
locked and hidden
in the tragedy
you will be
and are something beautiful
God sees no flaws
you will tumble out
of yourself
and what
you thought were clouds and chains
will become weightless straws
and you will rise…”

“Patience Inspires” by Stephen Kalinich (journal entry)

I have learned one thing
the last few years.
Pressure is not bad
in this modern world
one must learn to live with it
cultivate patience
because a person
must be able
to tolerate some frustration
and disappointment
to be prepared for life
without learning
how to reverse the every day strains
one will sink
one must rise
by a quiet waiting
knowing even
in the midst of uncertainty
an answer will come
and one must forge ahead
until sunshine gladden the heart
lifts our soul.

Stephen Kalinich

Photo by Jill Jarrett

© 2010

“2009” (journal entry) by Stephen Kalinich

Grace will direct your inner path

if you open up to it.
Sometimes it takes letting go

of old mind sets
and trusting spirit to move you forward.
I believe you can create a plan for your life
that allows spontaneity

and freedom
and still has purpose and meaning…
something you have a passion for…
Have courage to face the changes
and let go of attachments
and leave it to the infinite unseen.

I wish you all the best.


Art by Stephen Kalinich

and John Robertson

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

Stephen Kalinich (journal entry)

Photo by VC Ferry

Stephen Kalinich


I was struck

by a saxophone player

at the bridge
at Cesto Ponte
when I was going off of the island
on the river Tiber.
He was playing Autumn leaves.
It was a warm sunny day
with a slight touch of wind.
I threw a few coins in his bowl.
He was incredible
A Saxophone
beautifully flowing tones
played with much feeling
bringing tears to my eyes.
The streets are alive
the notes linger in the air
It touches the music
of the stillness within me.
It rekindles a quiet joy.
He keeps playing.
A dusty baseball cap
an old shirt short sleeved
gray sleeveless sweater
and sandles
with no socks
and filthy feet
like the one in a Caravaggio painting.
The ones that show
the humaness
of the reality we exist within.
The breeze is beautifully blowing.
It almost blows my hat into the Tiber.

What a joy to live.
He plays My Way
which I usually do not like
but today it is a wonderful sound.

Stephen Kalinich

All Rights Reserved

© 2006