“Jazzzzman” by Mitch Hicks

“Songs from off the wall
Jazzzzman plays big base
Dark Smokey beer stained walls
Yet gorgeous butterflies flutter sweet scents
In the shadow murky vice abounds
Cash tills singing as Jazzzzman plucks a boogie tune
Humping punters being tossed off in a back room
Still Jazzzzman struts his stuff
Cash tills overflowing like the spent punters
Jazzzzman now in bluesy mood
Mellow lights blending into the morning haze
Jazzzzman plays one last tune”

© 2010

“A Big Gold Frame” by Banksy, Thayer & Hicks

People will wrap
A big gold frame
Just about any
Sort of mess.
They will hang it
On display
For others to gaze upon
And admire.
Hang it crooked
Sometimes they even
Hang it upside down
And call it art.
Very well…
Who am I to judge?
Who are we,
And who do we think
We are?
It all comes back to us now
Doesn’t it?
Art, is in the eye
Of the beholder.
Like throwing salt
Over one’s shoulder
A little luck,
A pen, a brush,
Some clay, or paint
Or mush,
Who cares what ‘they’
May say
Hang a gold frame around it

L. K. Thayer

Art by Banksy

Photo by Mitch ‘Lordy’ Hicks – U.K.

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

(off the wall) “Looking at Banksy” by Mitch Hicks

Wall Art by Banksy - U.K.

Who is really looking at who

Is she spellbound with admiration or disgust

What is Bansky trying to tell her

Am I intruding in a moment of indulgence

Can an image talk without words

The three of us will never be together again

Not a sound has taken place

Eyes never see more than one vision

There is no touch or conversation

Cyberworld now controls our invisible actions

Maybe Banksy is showing us the death of the world we once new

Only the legacy off the wall will crumble last in virtual heterodoxy

Pic & Poem by Mitch Hicks – U.K.


All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Grafter” by Mitch Hicks

A smoke stricken filled room
Sleeves rolled up and a look of gloom
Toiling in dirt and grime
Yet I have not committed any crime
Days roll into weeks into years
Wasted broken hands brings tears
Little reward such as paying bills
8 hours of no thrills
I’m glad I took my cog away
My head feels better as I lay
The world still spins without me
Freedom yes freedom is the key
No cash required to see a magic moment appear
I now look forward battling a new year
All Rights Reserved
© 2009