Music/Lyrics – L. K. (Lisa) Thayer

Brian BecVar/Lisa Thayer CD Mouth2Mouth

Brian BecVar/Lisa Thayer CD Mouth2Mouth


no doctor in the world could find her ill at ease

no sedative would calm, her desperate pleas

all eyes would fall upon her stare & stumble on her

waiting, for a vulnerable move

what’s the use nothing to lose

no stalker could refuse


easy target for the arrow

chill the bone down to the marrow

she was perfect prey, come what may

she was perfect prey

in the mornin’ had no reason to wake up for

killin’ season didn’t start ’til daylight turned to dark

swallowed her pride, on the inside she’d hide

from herself, no one heard her cryin’

(repeat chorus)

Words by L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

One comment

  1. lkthayer · December 4, 2009

    I love Medusa I love your album.You have a great voice.It s very emotional.My favorites so far after several listens.
    Undo Me I like it a lot….
    Borrowed and Blue is very touching bitter sweet.
    What a heart you have.You are very sweet and very humble.I think you have had the wrong men for some gut level reason.I think many people,can relate to these and your pain and quiet joy comes through.The way you survive and work your life out.
    Perfect prey is a killer song…so vulnerable so incredible in these times a romantic revelation full of longing and sadness…
    My heart is black an blue love to.I will listen more.Thank you for sharing this is way beyond what i usually get from someone who hands me an album.
    You have to sing in the show the film i think… some of these.I know i like it…

    Steie (Kalinich)

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