“QUOTES” About L.K.’s Poetry & The Juice Bar

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

“Your web site is a place I could spend a good hour (or two or three) with a glass of wine.” – Margie Goodspeed 🙂

“This is a really cool, insightful spot to come to when life is giving you the one-two.

I’m glad to be a part of it.” xoAj Benza 🙂

“God Blessings to The Diva Queen of Poetry.” – Bill Duke

“Enchanting imagery against articulate analogies.” – Natalie V.

“Your poetry always knocks me out…” – David Proval 🙂

“You raw the refined and refine the raw.” – Sal Romeo

“Pure cheeky geniusness.” – Jamie Greene

“Ok, You are my favorite poet. Do you have any books I can purchase?” 🙂 – Allie Westrick

“…living in the lap of perjury”…”that line should out live you. Bravo.” – Mel Green

“I never imagined I’d see something of mine in such company. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Tooty Nolan 🙂

“Wow…I felt that in my solar plexus.” – Cyril O’Reilly

” you made me cry touched the longing i carry impossible hole…Thank You.” – Katy B.

“A rose amongst hundreds of literary thorns, extremely complex

and entirely addictive – brilliant.” – Neil Marsden

“…but it’s the fire I can’t put out that douses me.”…amazing. – Jonathan Fahn

“When I read her poetry, I sway to the music of her soul; jazz-flavored-late-night-longing-with-a-twist. She is one cool poetry cat.” – Adesh Kaur 🙂

“Truly breathtaking. At least a weeks worth of any Academic Professor’s Poetics Course lesson plans dealing with the interpretation of this work alone.” – Diana Brenke 🙂

“Wow, this is cool. The design and look of this site is wonderful,
and the whole thing is a treat, the pictures and the poems of
everyone, you’re giving so much to the poets featured here.
We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we, having poetry in our lives,
and the poets we know who give us all that heart.” – Jack Grapes

“my hands remember you.” I love this line, LK. Brilliant. Tactile. Oh so smooth…

Like you.” –Alexis Rhone Fancher 🙂

“This reminds me of a Blue Man Group show I attended once. Their message was laden with corporate references, songs and sounds of breaking free. The crowd was all excited and clapping – it was so odd to me that I stood silent with tears falling.” – Jaymie Thorne 🙂

“Your poems are exactly the kind of poetry I adore:

grounded in concise specifics and yet expansive and universal in effect.” – Alex Bledsoe

“Lisa, I love your poems; I hear music when I read them.” – Peter Frechette 🙂

“You have done a remarkable job. I have been on sites where they say they get millions but I have had more fun with you and The Juice Bar in just a few days. You are alive with it. That is what counts for me..It is a living thing…” – Stephen Kalinich 🙂
“This is one of the most divinely curated blogs around…..quotes, poets, images—all fantastic.” – Kalliope Amorphous 🙂
“You may not see The Rolling Stones here, you may think some of us are stoned out of our mind. One thing is for sure here……..You are never more than a stones throw from the best bar in the world…The Juice Bar!” – Mitch Hicks – U.K. 🙂


  1. scott lane · September 26, 2009

    You write with an ease and grace that is utterly deceptive not unlike the morning dew reflecting off grass that is about to cut by a Sherpa with a hangover and a sixteen inch scimitar in a small Indian village just outside of Darjeeling. May your rapier wit slice-on sista!

  2. Jouttyvon · November 28, 2009

    Excellent blogpost, amazing looking blog, added it to my favorites!

  3. lkthayer · November 29, 2009

    Thank you for letting us squeeze you! –LK 🙂

  4. miptspugs · December 11, 2009

    Sorry for being off topic – what Word Press theme are you using? Looks interesting.

  5. Fred Whitlock · August 8, 2019

    A cup of coffee and a visit to the Juice Bar adds to the pleasure and delight of life. The pics and poetry have the heart dancing’ all day, The sweet taste lingers and one can always return for more. What joy.

  6. lkthayer · August 8, 2019

    Dearest Fred,
    You are a breath of fresh inspiration…your words mean the World to me. Thank you!
    Lisa 🍒🥝🍎🍐🍇🍉

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