“Last Years Shadow” by Mitch Hicks


Last years shadow
Where do they go
Shadows and years
Tell me
Do they age
Will my shadow live on
I hope so
Years are like bad dreams
They haunt you
More than you think
My shadow looked on as I was being exhumed
For the first time I saw my death face
Yes it was a dream
Seeing my demise looking grey but at peace
Years are like death they happen and don’t return
Make friends of your shadow
Dance with the year
Embrace both showing not an ounce of fear

Poem & Snap by Mitch Hicks, U.K.

© 2011

“A Poem For You” by Anne Norda



Whether 2010 sucked or rocked

I invite you to say goodbye

to the songs unsung

to the words unspoken

to the wishes that didn’t fly


Say farewell to each regret

to every stumble and every fall

let go of all your karmic debts

get ready to have a ball


Au revoir each lapse of faith

Adios to unbidden fears

Sayonara to loss and sadness

Moi moi to those wintery tears


Then turn your cheek from sorrow to sappy

Prepare to make New Year’s vows to “Be happy!”


Each year I fool myself into thinking

that I could lose those pounds and stop drinking

I continue to chant the chant of possibility

and chug my last champagne at some festivity


I even do a silly “let go” ritual

burn the past and create a future virtual

emblazoned in my notebook to be read

once in the morning and every night before bed


I brainwash myself into thinkin’

that if I lose weight and stop drinkin’

my life will improve in great measures

and angels will guide me to endless treasures


A million bucks will magically fall in my lap

and my mystery dream man won’t be a sap

all my projects will suddenly manifest

and my poems will always be the best


If hope springs eternal, then with this poem I declare

that THIS YEAR will conjure all our dreams from thin air

but most sincerely, I pray for me and for you

that WORLD PEACE will inch its way to coming true.

Photo & Poem by Anne Norda

© 2010


“Down From A Swan” by L. K. Thayer


Dazed as dazed from arsenic
From your tongue that traces me
Your taut body entwined
Between my taut thighs and the hum
Of our boat that is made with down from a swan
Satiated, we maneuver it – our hands
Like talons ringed with gold bands
Under the horizons climax
The night’s bosom heaving waves
That cradle us

Caught between the moon’s crescent
And fullness, drunk and interwoven
We were cast out to sea for weeks estranged
And woke with the desert in our throats
Lips stuck together, tongues tied we longed for
Nectarines and the sound of cupid’s wings
hovering over us
Morning raises it’s sleepy head
And we lay like starfish
on the shore of infatuation

L. K. Thayer

© 2010

“How Did We Get Here?” by Levy Lee Simon

I look around at today’s world and wonder how in the world did we get here?

Not to make myself seem old because I’m not old but I am old skool and there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s a fact.

I mean I grew up during a time when kids played outside and parents sat up late after putting dinner on the plate. When baseball, and basketball and football were an activity

not just a visual commodity or something you play on X Box 500, Madden or whatever the video game’s name’s name is. I grew up in a time where boys and girls squared off in the middle of the street when there was a beef, no guns or AKs like there are today. The best person won, you shook hands and had fun.

I mean how did we get here, after Martin and Malcolm and Huey and Bobby and H.Rap Brown and James Brown, and Attica and JFK and RK and all those that died in Viet Nam for Uncle Sam. How did we get here?

After promises of a better world, those that died, those that got fried, those that went into exile to hide, because they wanted to expose the truth. The truth that was suppose to set us free, you and me. So how did we get here?

In 2010 when we were suppose to win, with a Black President who said all the right things like it’s about change and yes we can…. can I get an Amen, elected by blacks whites, yellows and browns by a people tired of the same old sounds. It was an event a Black man is president. Yes we can! Yes we can, make a America a vision of divine destiny that can’t be denied by American historical shame called pride, yes we can turn the economy around that’s going down betrayed by needy greedy parasites of the right. And a war that’s not ours to fight.  We got a president that’s Black, now you know they were going to react. If you didn’t you got it twisted because here they come, dumb diddy dumb.

Where progress seems to have stopped and we have lost a lot, where racism and sexism and homophobism are back in style and suicide seems like the only way out for some because it stinks that bad and hurts that hard and grips that tight, like it’s not going to let go so there is only one way out.  How did we get here?

Where young kids are still being murdered on the inner cities streets by cops and by their own, who don’t know any better because they don’t know their own history, as they walk down the streets like the streets they own, their turf full of hurt, self hatred dripping from the very skin that they can’t stand to be in.

How did we get here… where marching on Washington is like a new hobby for uneducated racist hooligans, marching in the name of the American flag when it’s the America flag they are desecrating by their very own presence, and you ask them why and they tell you to your face that the president is a Muslim, like there’s something wrong with that even though it’s far from a fact.  How did we get here? Maybe take a look at eight years of a burning Bush.

How did we get here? Where it’s OK for blue bloodied Americans to disrespect the President on National TV and for others to threaten his life as if it’s all right. Funny in all my years, a decade and almost four score, I never saw or heard that before.

And some people actually thought we’d progressed to a post-racial America. LOL Laughing out loud. Is FOX TV still in America?  Can you take the spots off of a leopard? I know they are working on it, I mean they crossed a Tiger and Lion to make a 9000 pound beast called a Liger. Watch out something’s coming, next summer at a movie theatre near you.

How did we get here? A Tea Party that’s neither in Boston nor in England but maybe in your neighbor’s back yard at three. How did we get here, where people are seriously considering Sarah Palin for president, Sarah Palin is a national security threat, press eject. And that voice, come on guys forget president, could you imagine hearing that voice in the morning or at the height of sexual expression. There goes my erection.

I mean what happened to a time when people passionately fought for their rights and weren’t suckered into being scared or living in fear. We used to be a fearless country that marched in spite of all odds…. I mean we faced dogs and hoses, and red necks, and ropes, lynchings, the KKK, the national guard, the threat of communism, murder and assassination . And we stood strong and looked anybody in the eye and demanded to be heard, to be acknowledged because we were tired of the bullshit and we were real Americans godamnit.

So how did we get here, where everything seems to be so petty?  Where politicians spend millions to call each other names on TV? Aren’t we in a recession? I mean millions being spent to elect who? What? Why? Damn a commercial, I need a job. You selfish, self seeking mother .. no you can’t have my vote!

News flash.. they just got the house back… deal with that.

How did we get here? But we are here. The question I should ask next is, how do we get out?

Levy Lee Simon

© 2010


“AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE” by Ty Granderson Jones


Ty Granderson Jones

All Rights Reserved

© 1995

(Happy Birthday from The Juice Bar Ty!!)

“Life in the New Hell” by Vicki Batkin

a beautiful american woman
came to our church.
with her long black hair
looking just like silk,
she kneeled beside me.
her blue eyes took me away
and i got lost in all her force.
she told me
i have passions.
“you can unleash them”

NO my lady
I don’t have passions.
NO lady
not me!

“yes, beautiful woman
you do
you can
you will”

as the sun rose
and lit up my Haitian skies,
i set in my own skin,
and owning
my own

i was just leaning to read.
i was just learning to speak.
i was just learning to be heard.

i was just learning about all my passions

and then,
the earthquake hit….

Vicki Batkin

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Paramour” by Jaymie Thorne

Clara Bow

she cloaked herself in scarlet
darker than a blush on cheek
left his scent on empty heart
drifting to a shadowed street
not looking for salvation, but
respite from the lonely storm
they bellowed loud as thunder
claimed they’d no other harm
his promise was always empty
to others’ lives he did belong
wept herself to sleep at night
dreamt lovers wielding stones

Jaymie Thorne

All Rights Reserved

© 2010